It's a very competitive housing market out there right  now.  

Home values are going up through the roof with no relief in sight.  As a result, many home-buyers are having to make  higher offers to get the home of their choice. 

 While it's a seller's market right now, that doesn't  mean you can't ask sellers for help on your closing  costs. 

 Negotiating and asking for seller concessions can  help you offset the cost when buying a home


"Question The Asking Price"  

When your agent is  putting an offer on your behalf... Ask him/her to  review the recent sales for similar comps (comparable properties) that have  closed for less money

Use these comps when presenting the offer, and  acknowledge the fact that you are willing to pay the  sellers more money for their house (as the comps  indicate)

...in return for helping them, you'll need a certain percentage of the sales prices back to you, as a seller's contribution. 


"Look For Motivated Sellers"     

Sellers are often motivated to work with the  prospective buyer when their houses have been in  the market for a while. 

This is called DOM (Days On Market) 

The longer a  house has been on the market, the most likely the  sellers will accept in paying your closing costs. 

Always ask your agent:  “How long has this house been in the market?” …and bid accordingly

Let's say you're in a situation where the asking price is  fair and acceptable to you as the buyer. 

Just send a much higher offer to offset the closing  costs you are asking the sellers to pay. 

When a seller receives a much higher offer than  expected, they are feeling a little more "generous" to  help you pay all or part of your closing costs. 

Consult with your agent if raising your offer does not  affect the final appraisal of the house.  

The house must appraise for the total sales price  amount or more… in order for your lender to fund  the loan




" The Only Way" 

An extremely important factor is, knowing when and how? -- to offer the seller  a deal that they can't refuse. 

When you are asking them to  pay all your closing costs...

(This only works when you are the only buyer interested party in  purchase of the house.)

...there is a limit to your bank's approval and,  you can use this to  your advantage. (ask your lender) 

How: When sending your offer, ask your agent to note that obtaining  the seller's concessions is the "ONLY WAY" the lender will accept  to fund your loan.

The seller will know that's the only way he/she would sell the house...with the concessions you are looking for. 


Meet Them Halfway...

Negotiate the Closing Costs Accordingly. 

In some cases, the seller might not be in a position to pay all of  your closing costs. 

Don't give up!,  rather than just accepting an offer with you paying "ALL" the  buyer's closing costs, see how much the seller can afford to  pay? 

You might not get them to pay all your closing costs but, the  seller might meet you halfway and pay a certain percentage of  the closing costs. 

Present your offer as a solution to their problems and offer to  pay some of your closing costs if they are willing to pay the  rest.



Be aware that certain loan programs have limits on  how much the seller is allowed to contribute.  

Ask your lender if there are limitations based on the  type of loan you are qualified for.

5 Proven Ways To Make Sellers Pay Your Closing Costs WHEN BUYING A HOME!

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Proven Ways To Make Sellers Pay Your Closing Costs WHEN BUYING A HOME