We Contribute to the Growth of Your Real Estate Career With Proven, Tested Marketing Techniques  Designed to Save You Time, Money and Effort. 




"Lead Generation Tools For Real Estate Agents" 

 "Done For You - Branded To You" Lead Generation TOOLS!  

INCLUDED Your Own Customized Monthly Real Estate Funnel

NOTE: In addition to the 20 Funnels, your subscription includes one brand-new funnel each and every month. 

Each month, you'll receive your "Monthly Funnel"  to help you stay ahead of the competition with the latest proven funnels to keep your lead generation active & fresh.

Your Own Branded Monthly Newsletter

In addition, once a month, your subscription services will also include a newsletter ready to be emailed to your database, 

An effective email Newsletter will help you stay in touch with all your past-clients and prospects. It creates a unique opportunity for you to connect directly with people you know and seek referrals.


To help you boost your referral business by consistently sending a monthly newsletter to all your contacts.  


  • Tools To Reinforce Your Image & Credibility 
  • Tools To Help Your Unique Selling Proposition 
  • Tools That Brings More Leads For You
  • Tools to Help You Dominate Your Competition 


  • Save Time  
  • Grow Your Business
  • Improve Your Social Media Channels 



  • The Spark For New Sales 
  • Connect With Your Customers on a Monthly Basis

20 Funnels Is The Swiss Army Knife for Real Estate Agents To Start Prospecting Right Away! 

The Most Affordable Lead Generation Assistant Tools For Successful  Real Estate Agents Today! 

Q: Can I use my own domain for my funnels? 

Yes, you can use your own domain and change the URL of all your funnels. Please connect with us and we'll guide you.    

Q: Is This Easy To Use? 

Yes, It's just one link...it’s extremely easy-to-use. You don’t need any technical skills, coding skills, or design experience, and you don't even have to write anything, unless you want to change some wording to fit your style. You will  have everything you need to use this powerful funnels. All your funnels are hosted on the cloud and there are no additional  subscriptions. If you feel that you need to make changes or add/change pictures, you can do that as well...it's your choice.

Q:  Can I Download My Own Pictures? 

Yes, you can,  and we encourage you to customize each funnel to fit your market, your brand and your style. Is up to you if you want to use the existing picture or replaced them with your own.

Q:  What Type of Support Do You Provide?

You will receive technical support and video guides directly from Convertri via their instructional videos, and we also offer direct exclusive support related to the real estate funnels.

Q:   Can I edit the funnels with more information about me? 

Yes, you have full control of all your funnels to be used AS IS or you can customize them all if you want. 

Q:  Do I Get The Rights To Use My Funnels Inside All My Websites and Social Media Accounts?

As long as you are a paid subscriber, the answer is yes. 

Q:  Why Is This Service just $30 per month? 

We have attracted thousands of leads in the last few years and demonstrated over and over again that real estate agents do not have to spend hundreds of dollars each month to generate leads. Spend a few minutes on social  media, share your links and all the leads are your leads and are exclusively for you. (your leads will come directly  to your email box) 

We are real estate agents just like you and we use them every day.

Q:  Do You Guarantee That I Will Get Many Leads Using These Tools? 

Yes and no

Yes, if you are focused and disciplined to share the links in a consistent basis to different venues in social media, You have to do it yourself or pay an assistant to do it for you. 

No, if you don't use it. 

Pretend these tools are like bait for fishing...if you don't put the bait in the water, you will never catch any fish!

Each month we share tips and tricks to use your funnels in the most efficient ways. 

Q:  How Can I Drive Traffic to My Funnels? 

1. Google: You can run a Google Adwords to drive traffic to any of your funnels (Paid Ads).

2. Facebook: Add it to your Facebook business page to drive traffic. Share your links by using Facebook Groups like yard sales in your city, look for groups with the highest members total, subscribe to them and engage them with your funnels.

3. You can send a flyer or postcards into your farm area, apartment buildings, etc. to drive traffic. Convert your link to a QR Code and start a mailing campaign to FSBO's, Expireds and your personal farm areas...

4. Email any of your funnels link addresses to your own list of clients and past customers

 Put a link inside your email signature, something like this: 

"I provide my clients a level of service, technology and communication unmatched in today’s real estate market. Let's work together!, START HERE "

5. Personally prospect to drive traffic to your funnels. Create your free memberships with Facebook, YouTube,Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Craigslist and be disciplined by lead generating at least 30 minutes per day. 

Q:  What's Going To Happen As Soon As I Subscribe? 

The first 48 hours (or sooner): Your funnels will be prepared and customized after we receive your personal information, logo, your website's address and personal information.  You will have access to all your funnels with a copy of all your links, so you can start prospecting right away. 

Every 15th of the month, you will receive a brand-new funnel and instructions how to use it. 

Every first of each month, you will receive your own monthly newsletter ready for use. ​



  • Save Money  
  • Generate More Leads  
  • Be Accountable To Monthly Actions 

The tools of your trade needed to start a consistent & successful lead generation campaign for your business 

  • Build Your Credibility
  • Remind Your Customers What You Do

How this will change your business...

50% of your time is spent trying to figure out what tools or systems to  use to attract more leads? 

The other 50% is spent on creating these systems, testing  them and putting them to work! 

No wonder most real estate agents are unable to attract a consistent number of leads to sustain their real estate careers. They don't have the time, the tools nor the time necessary to attract new customers.


20 Proven & Effective Funnels (TOOLS) to HELP YOU ATTRACT LEADS in a consistent basis. 

All you do is pick the right funnel (For Buyers or Sellers), pick any social media venue and share your link...

Imagine just using one of your tools in the right social media forum/venue releasing a flood of new leads on a daily basis for you!   



  • Tools With The Latest Technologies 
  • Tools to Help You Impress Sellers & Buyers